Treatment FAQ

What are the goals of treatment? »
What types of pain can be treated? »
What are some of the treatment options?»

What are the goals of treatment?

  • Reduce pain
  • Restore function and improve the quality of life
  • Decrease dependence on the health care system

What types of pain can be treated?

We provide non-surgical treatment for many types of painful conditions including but not limited to back and neck pain, arthritis of the spine or joints, neuralgia, muscular/ myofacial pain, shingles/post herpetic neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome Types 1 (RSD) and Type 2 (causalgia), nerve entrapment, musculoskeletal sports injuries or industrial injuries, whiplash associated headache pain, occipital neuralgia spondylolithesis, post-laminectomy syndrome, scoliosis, cervical dystonia, torticollis, post-polio syndrome and phantom limb pain.

What are some of the treatment options?

Chronic pain has traditionally been treated with medication.  Many medications require increasing doses and/or result in dependency.  After a while, these medications are not always successful in alleviating pain and/or have side effects that interfere with daily life. While all of these options may be appropriate in some circumstances, our goal as pain management specialists is to understand and diagnose the source of your pain by reviewing your medical history and the nature of the pain in order that we may determine the best course among the many treatment alternatives available to us. Many types of pain respond well to minimally invasive procedures or injections that will more precisely target the source of pain. (i.e. epidural or caudal injections, nerve root blocks, facet blocks or radiofrequency treatments, spinal cord stimulators).  Other patients may be treated with medication and/or lifestyle counseling options like physical therapy, psychological support services and/or nutritional support.  Most patients require a mixture of some or all of these in order to get optimal result. Medications are rarely prescribed as the sole treatment option.