Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial

– The approach to this procedure is very similar to an (interlaminar) epidural steroid injection.

– Patients are positioned in the prone position (face down) using pillows for comfort

– Fluoroscopy (X‐Ray) guidance used to identify the target

– An area of skin is cleaned to create a sterile field, sterile equipment is also used for the procedure

– The skin and tissues in the track of needle placement are anesthetized prior to advancing the needle

– Fluoroscopy views are taken to verify the final needle position

– Once the correct position is confirmed the leads are advanced into the epidural space to the desired to level

– Then the leads are connected to the programming device and adjusted according to the location of the patients pain.

– The needle is removed and the leads are covered to maintain sterility and generator is attached to a belt for the trial period.