About SPSS

Providing Exceptional Patient Care

Daily chronic pain can be debilitating and drastically affect the quality of your day to day life. The good news is that you don’t have to live with back, neck, head or facial pain!

At Salem Pain and Spine Specialists, our main focus is providing exceptional care to patients who suffer from moderate to severe pain. We seek to improve quality of life and overall functionality through comprehensive treatments which includes fluoroscopic guided Interventional spine procedures, musculoskeletal evaluations, ultrasound guided injections, individualized physical therapy planning, and orthotic recommendations. See Our Services for a full list of the treatments we offer.

Dr. Monreal takes pride in treating her patients as if they are one of her own family and she understands that patients want to be heard. She spends the time to listen to each patient’s unique situation. Each of our patients is treated with the utmost respect and care and we strive to create a treatment plan based on the individual.